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Allow employees to access their earned salaries today with no cost to the company

complete salary cash flow solutions

DAYCASH is an early wage access platform that allows employees to be paid before pay day providing cash flow liquidity.

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Lack of "cash flow" causes financial problems for

the employee, the employee's family and business


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DAYCASH increase personal cash flow to employee

Employees have early access to their earned salaries for days worked via DayCash App

Early access to earn salary money before payday can save lives, improve living and avoid unnecessary debt.

Have enough money for living expenses and urgent expenditures.

Stop worrying about money for living expenses, employees come to work, and can get paid on the next working day

Decrease conflict between work colleagues

No more borrowing money from colleagues which can cause workplace problems and issues

Increase financial freedom with cash flow and credit management

When employees know how much they can get per day, they can plan and manage their own cash flow better

No interest, no late fee charges, no hidden fees 

An early wage access service with just an administration fee, employees do not have to worry about interest rates and other charges

Just 4 steps for EMPLOYEE to get money


Clock-In at workplace (or in-app)


Check Disbursable money on DAYCASH app


Send request to disburse money and wait for HR to approve


Get money via employee payment channel

DAYCASH provide cash flow liquidity for company

With DayCash, companies now have support in providing financial welfare to employees

Using company capital for employee welfare is bad for the business cash flow. But with DayCash support for employee financial welfare, there is no capital cost to the business. The company only has to repay MoneyTable at the end of the month without any additional charges to the company. 

Motivate employees to come to work knowing that they can get paid whenever they want

Companies can now focus on building their core business and let MoneyTable focus on providing financial welfare to the employees

Motivate employee comes to work with better efficiency

They don't have to borrow money from colleagues, friends, families and loan sharks anymore

Retain and attract employees with financial welfare benefits

Companies with financial welfare are 2x as attractive to employees in need. This has helped companies reduce employee turnover by 41%

Increase HR efficiency

Using MoneyTable has shown to increase HR work efficiency by 20%

Just 3 steps for EMPLOYER to help employee get money


Approve disbursement request


Get report of amount to repayment on cut-off date

Every Cut-off Date

Payback to Moneytable Co., Ltd. before pay date

Before Pay Date

Better benefits,

Better work efficiency

Better life

---- Human Resources Management

With 200 companies using DAYCASH

100,000+ employee have better life with healthy cash flow.

Money literacy blog and training program

DAYCASH services and money literacy program

are limited to employee of MONEYTABLE Co., Ltd. partner company

You are employee of a company but not sure whether your company is our partner or not?

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