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Daycash is an early wage access platform that allow employees to be paid before payday providing cashflow liquidity for both employees and company.

stress people

Let’s SUPPORT EMPLOYEE to have CASH FLOW liquidity and financial credits.

Employees have cashflow problems potentially causing more problems to themselves and also to the company.

with DAYCASH features

Collect Wageevery workday
Request to Disbursewhenever needed
Fast Transfer to employeepayment channel
Monthly Reportfor Employer

Company and employee in long-term with DAYCASH

DAYCASH will suggest user to have better discipline on cashflow management based on employee behaviours.

Less Debt
Less Stress
Goodbye to
Better Cashflow
with Money Discipline
Have credit for
future spending plans



73% of employee more

motivated to come to work.

41% reduction

the employee turnover rate.

free usage


is FREE for company!

Ready to support your company and employee

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