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Loan application
that helps your employees experience
the trusted financial solution at low interest

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Loan application for employee’s happiness

High approval rate

Almost 100% approval rate at low interest

Fast & easy access to source of loan

Apply for a loan faster than ever before via application.

Affordable interest rate

From the lowest interest source of loan

Easy Loan Repayment

Paid money back directly through MoneyTable’s proprietary automated credit collection process


Easy registration

Quick approval

Receive money

Employee loves you

Almost 100% approval rate at low interest

The most interesting loan offer for your employee, decrease your financial concern

Automatic Calculation

Employee can access to source of loan via our application. The reimbursement will be made automatically.


More than 4,000 companies using our products
Over 100,000 employees using our HR Program and 10,000 more using our Loan Application and still signing up every day; view the testimonials and see for yourself how happy our customers are.
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Our Security and Technology is Second to None

With our private data cloud, bank approved security standards and our digital eco-system we can safeguard sensitive information - your HR Data is in good hands.

Private Data Cloud with Bank Approved Security
128 Bit Encryption Ensures that Data is Safe
Our EcoSystem Allows Businesses to Manage Their Employees Smoothly 24/7 - 365